Every guitar I make is custom. These signature models are simply good jumping off points. You can order one as is or customize it and make it your own. See your custom options here.

T-BIRD STandard

The true brilliance of the best vintage guitars – the ones you look through hundreds to find – is that they speak the truth. They translate very subtle tonal and dynamic changes in your playing flawlessly but also “respond”. It is no passive affair, they have personality. The T-bird Standard delivers this “true” tone and personality in a modern package. It has character and depth. It oozes vibe. It can go from beautiful to what I like to call “the right kind of ugly”. The interaction of  every element brings this together. Through the careful crafting and voicing of the the guitar as a whole, the instrument’s personality is maintained, its voice speaks with identity without losing versatility. The T-Bird Standard is loved by some of the best guitarists on the planet.

Old school specs: 25.5” scale, two single coil pickups, a traditional pickguard, thin ashtray bridge, 3 intonated saddles, dots and shades inlay, a lightweight alder or swamp ash body, maple neck, and maple or rosewood fretboard. Price starts at $2475 + options.


A smorgasbord of tones without losing the personality and vibe. Instead of trying to jump through hoops to try to cop every tone, it has a singular voice that is captured in different aspects of its complex personality.

The Special maintains the general aesthetic and structure of the Classic but its two humbuckers and custom electronics make it one of the most versatile guitars around. Special wiring provides 5 distinctive single coil sounds and one fat humbucker sound using a familiar 3 position switch and a mini toggle. Price starts at $2975 + options.


A Fullerton native travels to Kalamazoo. This is for those who play best and feel most comfortable on traditional T-style instruments but want the meatier growl and shift in attack and note envelope of the Kalamazoo legacy.

Available in either 24.625” or 25.5” scale with a mahogany or korina body and a maple, korina, or mahogany neck. Pickups can be P90s, MiniBuckers, or Humbuckers. Different balances between the two types of tones and attacks can be achieved upon request. Price starts at $3199 + options.