Every guitar I make is custom. These signature models are simply good jumping off points. You can order one as is or customize it and make it your own. See your custom options here.


With its revolutionary curves, arm carve, belly cuts and sleek 1950s auto-inspired look,  the Strata-houla is based on arguably the most influential electric guitar of all time. It keeps the classic style, the vibe, the ergonomic feel that so many fell in love with – sometimes to the point where it is the only design with which they ever feel comfortable – but is available in many different voices: from the original, vibe-drenched, timeless tones, to tones that you would swear could never come from this design. I have built “Houlas” that are as old school true as they come to ones with notes the size of buildings, to hybrid hollow Houlas that growl with the raw authority of a vocal, snarky, blues beast. Price starts at $2475 + options.

Sound Clip from Kid Andersen