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Sound Samples Page: Guitars

Tim Volpicella playing his Fatline TVFatline 'T.V.' Demo Player: Tim Volpicella

String Gauge used: 9-42

Pickups: Velvet Hammer HA Model Neck and Bridge (Humbuckers made from two Strat-style coils for true single coil sound in split mode, S2 single coil middle. Acoustic pickup: Custom built Fishman PowerBridge with a custom Bartolini preamp.

Amps used: For Electric pickups—ENGL 100 watt straight heads with 1-12 Celestion G12K85 speakers. For acoustic pickup—AER Acousticube.

Effects: Menatone Blue Collar distortion, studio reverb.

Tim wanted a guitar that had it's own unique voice while giving him a wide range of tones suitable for everything from acoustic jazz to rock. The design took nearly 2 years of research and prototyping. In the end I believe we achieved a very special instrument with a tonal character all its own. Below are some sound samples.

Please note: You will need MP3 compatible software to listen to these samples.

Track 1: Acoustic pickup system with internal Bartolini preamp, into AER Acousticube amp

Series one—the single coil positions

All of the following are played through the ENGL amp.

A common misconception is that the sound of a guitar is 'all in the pickups'. Notice that the Fatline model using the same pickup settings as a Strat creates a radically different sound.

Track 2: Single coil Neck pickup
Track 3: "Circle's Edge" excerpt. Neck single distorted
Track 4: Neck and middle single coil
Track 5: Middle single coil
Track 6: Circle's excerpt. Single coil Neck and Bridge, w/ Menatone

Next the Humbucking combinations

Track 7: Neck
Track 8: Circle's excerpt. Neck and Middle
Track 9: Circle's excerpt. Bridge

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Bill Chapin with the T-BirdT-Bird Demo Player: Bill Chapin

String Gauge used: 10-46

Pickups: Tele-style bridge , Humbucker neck

Amp: Groove Tubes STPG preamp no speaker, w/speaker emulator fed direct to digital.

Effects: Morley JD10 distortion pedal, Lexicon LXP-15 reverb Designed as a very versatile, yet more tradition model. The T-Bird covers a large range of classic humbucking and single coil sounds. Below are just a few of it's many sounds. Look for more sound files of this model coming soon.

Track 1: Bridge Pickup
Track 2: Neck Single coil then Tele Bridge Pickup, Live at the Tub

Track 3:Neck and bridge
Track 4: Neck Pickup Full Humbucker, JD10 off
Track 5 : Neck Pickup Single Coil

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Billy Johnson with his HawkHawk Model Demo Player: Billy Johnson

String Gauge used: 10-46

Pickups: DiMarzio Humbucker From Hell (despite the name this pickup is very clean and even, with low output!) neck, Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack bridge.

Amps: Groove Tubes STPG preamp no speaker, w/speaker emulator fed direct to digital, or Dr. Z Maz 38 Combo with Celestion Vintage 30.

Effects: Stamps Drive-O-Matic overdrive pedal, Lexicon LXP-15 reverb. Look for more sound files of this model coming soon.

Track 1: Bridge and neck pickup, Groove Tubes amp
Track 2: Neck pickup, Groove Tubes amp

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The Chapin EagleEagle Demo 1 Player: Scott Sorkin

Pickup: Highlander under saddle coaxial transducer

Amp: direct to digital

Track 1: Direct to digital

Eagle Demo 2 Player: Tim Volpicella

Pickup: Highlander + miked soundhole

Amp: None

Track 2: Guitar w/ rhythm section

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