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Some comments from Chapin customers

""Bill Chapin is the nicest of all the top high end guitar builders I've ever met. He has truly tapped into the old stuff....but with the customers preferences! 5 STARS!!"

-Ray Gomez
Stanley Clarke, Roy Buchanan, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Bunny Brunel,Steps Ahead,Lenny White, ad infinitum

"Guitars that capture the soul of the great vintage instruments, while looking toward the future."

-Billy Johnson (John Lee Hooker, Chet Baker, Stan Kenton)
Hear Billy on John Lee Hooker's CDs "Chill Out ", "Boom Boom" and "Face to Face" As well as Zakiya Hooker's CDs "Another Generation of the Blues" and "Flavors of the Blues""

"I can honestly say that not only is my Chapin Stratahoula the finest guitar I've ever owned, it's also the finest guitar I've ever played. I had a "number 1" guitar for over 13 years. I never ever put it down. Every session and every gig this guitar was there. I of course owned other guitars, but I never wanted to play anything but that number 1. Well I received my Chapin on July 5th 2005. That was the last day I used my old number one. That's all I can say. Also, not only is Bill an amazing builder, he and his family are just great people. I'll be a friend and Chapin user for life.."

-Josh Smith (Solo artist, session guitarist)
Hear Josh with R&B/soul sensation Raphael Saadiq, American Idol Taylor Hicks, or on his own excellent CD "Deep Roots"

"My Chapin gives me an amazing choice of tones from jazz to rock to acoustic, it's beautiful and it plays like butter."

-Tim Volpicella (Chuck Israels, Russ Ferrante, Dann Zinn, Solo)
Hear Tim on his outstanding debut "Unspoken Words", Dann Zinn's "Ten Songs", or Hafez Modirzadeh's "People's Blues"

"Bill Chapin is among the best guitar builders that I know and knows more about the relationship between acoustic and electric instruments than anyone I've ever met."

-Tom Ribbecke
Archtop guitar building deity

"I highly recommend Bill Chapin's instruments and repair work to any serious musician."

John Stowell (Guitar Player Magazine lesson columnist, David Freisen, Paul Horn, Billy Higgins, Ralph Towner, Herb Ellis, Solo)

"My T-bird is too cool! The UberTele! Twang for days, but not an ounce of ice-pick to be found anywhere. The pickups are warm and sweet and every tone in the thing is useful. Handles the rock, the blues, and all the weird things too. And the color - oh my! Bottom line - what you don't know about finding the perfect combination of wood, wire, magnets, strings and finish isn't worth knowing. ."

-David Kelly

I have played many guitars over four and a half decades, and I am pretty proud of the guitars I have held onto. I have a Les Paul Custom with Tom Holmes pickups that I purchased new in 1979. Even though this certainly wasn't a "golden year" for Gibson, I was lucky and got a good one that has a lot of resonance and tone. I have a PRS McCarty Soapbar Standard with Rosewood neck and Harmonic Design VP-90 pickups. Again, I was just lucky to get an unusually resonant guitar, since I ordered this one sight unseen. I also have three "custom made" guitars from other luthiers that are very well made. While these have been fine guitars for me, the Chapin is in another world from the guitars I have now.

-Mike Holmes via internet

Full Review: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Chapin+Guitars/Stratahoula/10/1

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