Every guitar I make is custom. These signature models are simply good jumping off points. You can order one as is or customize it and make it your own. See your custom options here.


A soulful stew of traditional and modern, the Hawk is informed by a lifetime of studying many classic guitars and exploring new takes on old tones without losing the earthy quality of “vintage”. 

The hawk originally came about at the request of brilliant guitarist Billy Johnson (John Lee Hooker’s Coast to Coast blues band, Chet Baker, Stan Kenton). He wanted something that sat in between the tone and look of his ‘67 Tele and a ‘60s SG. He wanted to have some but not “too much twang” and cover everything from a warm archtop neck tone to a Albert Collins-like bridge to Cornell Dupree-type combinations.

The body is scaled down slightly from a traditional T, the upper bout is pulled back, and the horn is more angular. Upon request, a 5/8" carved top (usually maple but certainly not limited to that) can be added. Price starts at $2499 + options.

KID E. Hawk

A compact, tone wielding beast from the an alternate past. Think “vintage from a parallel universe.” A Hawk model with a shortened, rounder horn and different aesthetics.

It comes in solid, hollow, semihollow, or hybrid hollow. It has a large 3-on-3 headstock or tiltback 6 in-line headstock, 24.6” scale, and a variety of pickups (custom options have ranged from minibuckers, firebird pickups, lipstick tubes to various single coils and goldfoils).