Every guitar I make is custom. These signature models are simply good jumping off points. You can order one as is or customize it and make it your own. See your custom options here.


A slightly oversized traditional T-style body that is chambered or “Hybrid Hollow” braced, the Fatline is our take on a semi-hollow single cut. Available as either a Fatline (T-Bird body) or a Fatline Hawk (Hawk body).

24.6", 24.9" or 25.4" scale. Graphite reinforced glue-in neck made from quartersawn mahogany. 22 fret rosewood or African blackwood fingerboard (used for clarinets and oboes). AAAA figured maple or redwood top. Hand-carved access neck heel and cutaway. Figured hardwood pickguard. Thin Translucent finish. Fixed bridge with optional acoustic pickup in saddles. Two humbuckers or P90s. Price starts at $3599 + options.

Fatline TV

The Tim Volpicella Signature model.  Back in the early 1990’s Tim asked me to build him something that could cover everything tonally that he was doing in one guitar.  Tim is a very unique and wide-ranging player so this meant acoustic to archtop-style jazz to fairly heavy rock.

The Fatline TV has a hollowbody that doesn’t feed back badly and a vibrato to handle his Hendrix-inspired, sometimes heavy bar use. Set neck with carved cutaway. 4 pickups: 2 humbuckers, a single coil (all with custom ebony pickup rings), and an internally preamped acoustic system. 24.75” scale, Brazilian rosewood board, special bracing, shades and tv-set inlay, highly flamed maple neck, ivory nut, koa small pickguard, flamed maple top, gold hardware, black and gold sperzel tuners, 5 way switch, mini switch, and an acoustic volume control. Price starts at $4899 + options