It is extremely important that the pickups be integrated into the design. Pickups translate and shape your tone. The perfect pickup for one guitar might be horrible on another. Besides winding my own line of Black Dog pickups, I use a wide variety of other maker's pickups including Lollar, Ron Ellis, Klein, Duncan Custom shop, Wolftone, Biltoff, Curtis Novak, Mojo, Fralin, and many others. I find the exact combo of pickups to pull out the soul of the instrument and get the perfect representation of YOUR tone.



Each guitar is custom wired to best fit the tonal goals and ergonomic stage use. Great care is taken to make even normally electronically complicated switching functions extremely easy for the player.

Switches – 3 or 5 way traditional, 5 way super switch, 3 way bat toggle
Voiced volume and tone pots
Voiced tone caps
Push pulls for coil splitting, series/parallel, in/out of phase, and many other options.
Mini switches for various functions
Ilitch noise cancelling system – available for single coil noise reduction maintaining true single tone