Alder – a smooth, midrange tone. Balanced, clear, and articulate. It can be percussive but smoothes out with drive.
Swamp Ash – open, airy, with snap. It tends to not smooth out as much when driven.
Mahogany – warm balance, defined, with a bit more punch in the lower-mid area.
Korina – sort of a mahogany meets swamp ash affair. It has bite, articulation, and is snappy but sings.
Western Red Cedar – big open acoustic ring, percussive, defined.



Any body shape can be customized with belly cuts, contours, and/or a specific thickness and back radius to suit your ergonomic needs.

T-Bird – traditional t-style outline and size.
Fatline – slightly oversized traditional t-style that is Chambered or “Hybrid Hollow” braced.
Hawk – T-style but slightly downsized and combined with more Kalamazoo elements.
Houla – Traditional S-style double cut.



Tops can drastically augment the sound
Maple – quilted (softer, rounder) or flamed eastern (snap and definition).
Myrtle – very clear and open with similar attack to Eastern maple but different focus
Spruce – particularly suitable for hollow bodies. A great balance of crispness, breath, and openness.
Redwood – warm and clear, great balance of smoothness and openness.
Cedar – big, open, and ringing yet warm.



Chambering is available in multiple variants of the below
Fatline Standard – our chambering system for a semi-hollow sound
Hybrid Hollow – our U-braced system that bridges a gap between trestle bracing attack and semihollow-like sustain.
Fatline TV Bracing – a special system that couples chambered sections in the top and back.



Finish – Your guitar's finish will always be thin and resonant and can be in almost any color imaginable
Binding – White or black, double or single binding.